I'm new

Here is everything you need to know to come to All Saints for the first time.

1. “Come as you are!”

You will see jeans, shorts, t-shirts, dress pants and dresses. Whatever is comfortable is fine with us. We don’t worry about what you wear we just want you here.

2. Select a worship time

We worship on Sundays at 8:00 & 9:30 am.

Our services are unique every Sunday. They run from contemporary, to blended (a mixture of contemporary and traditional), and traditional. If it is a contemporary Sunday it is contemporary at all three services, if it is traditional it is traditional at all three services. Our congregation appreciates the unique services.

3. If you have children

Children are always welcome in worship. We do not worry about crying babies or cheerios on the floor. We believe it is important for our children to be in worship from the day they are born.

Sunday School 
9:00 am Preschool to Grade 5

Your child(ren) will experience Bible stories through storytelling, music, art, and more. Yes, you can worship while your children are in Sunday School.
We start the Sunday school hour by having the children in worship for the first 10 min.  They will hear the story for the day and have the opportunity to give their offering before heading off to Sunday school.

What about my older children? We believe, and studies have shown, that children grade 6 and older are able to integrate their faith and life most effectively through the worship experience. We want them not only to be in worship but also help lead worship. (They can sing, read, serve communion, be greeters, ushers, etc.)