Sunday School

New this year, there are two hours of Sunday School (S.S.) and children of all ages, Preschool-Grade 5, can attend either hour.
The hours are 9 a.m. and 10:15 a.m.
When you fill out the registration form, you'll indicate what hour your want your child(ren) to attend.

New this year, We will use "Spark" lectionary curriculum which means the S.S. stories match up with the Scripture lessons and sermon in worship.

Parents drop their children off in their classrooms before S.S. begins and then go find their seats in the sanctuary.  The Sunday School Staff bring the children into worship and right up front for the first 10 minutes of worship where they hear the children's sermon which is the story for the day and can give their offering.  Then the children go to their classrooms for their lesson time. This is followed by music time where the story is reinforced, songs are learned that strengthen our faith, birthdays are celebrated, and we prepare to sing in worship.

New this year, we are switching to the “Spark Story Bible” for Preschool-Grade 2 and the “Spark Bible” for Grades 3-5.  We did a bulk order of these Bibles in August 2017.  If you are just joining us, there are classroom Bibles your children can use during S.S.  We will do a nother bulk order in August 2018.

CLICK HERE for a printable pdf copy of the 2017-2018 S.S. brochure including more program information and the 2017-2018 schedule.
Print and save this information.

CLICK HERE to fill out the registration form for 2017-2018.  A new form is required each year.  There is no registration fee for S.S.  Your offering and your child's S.S. offering help support the program's curriculum and supplies as well as supporting our Compassion International Sponsor Child from Thailand.

CLICK HERE to give an additional gift to our S.S. program under "Sunday School Donation" to help with all costs.  ANY amount given is very much appreciated!

Contact Christin Fugate with any questions,