New Building Blog for July, 2018:

I hope you all had a great 4th of July Celebration.  It's hard to believe June is gone and July is here.  It doesn't seem possible that it was nearly three months ago when we were packing up the church and moving to "Car Quest"!  In only about 1 month, we will start planning our strategy for moving into the newly remodeled building.

Since the last time I wrote you a lot has happened.  We are currently about 95% complete with the demolition portions of our project.  The demolition of the siding, windows, walls, and ceilings have allowed us to find new challenges for this project.  They all seem to have a common theme:  WATER!  We found water leaks around many windows causing us to have additional repairs.  We found water problems in the existing heating/cooling system causing us to re-route our heating/cooling system.  And we found water just about everywhere around the building causing us to add more drainage, tile, and a sump pump to remove this water.  The good news from all of this is that when the project is complete, and we fix these problems, I believe we will have a much better building that will last our congregation for many, many years to come.

Now for the exciting stuff!.  The new work is moving along nicely.  The exterior of the building is coming together fast.  The framing of the addition to the church is complete.  The roof is on, the windows are in, siding and stone work is in process.  Inside the building, the underground work is about done, a large portion of the electrical work is complete, and the fire sprinkler work is about 50% complete.  On July 9th, the concrete floors will be poured inside the building.  This will get our interior work moving full steam ahead.  Walls will then be framed. Sheetrock, tape, paint, carpet, etc. to follow.

Although all the rain has set the project back a few day, everyone involved is working hard and doing their best to keep things moving along.  The goal is still for us to be back in the building by mid-September for the start of our 2018-2019 school season.

I would like to thank many volunteer that have been helping me out with the project.  Their efforts are saving us money and helping us get a better finished project.  James Hermann, Dan Fero, Andy Bronczyk, Mike Fasching, Mike Eggers, and Michael Swanson have been a huge help.  (I apologize to anyone I missed.)

Your support for this project have been a great help too.  This is a great undertaking for our congregation.  Because of your prayers, faith, and financial support, you have made this project possible for everyone.  I hope you are as excited as I am to see our finished project and to be able to use it for many years to come.

Al Steinhagen
New Building Team