New Building Blog

THE BUILDING BLOG:  (Update on the progress of the New Building/Remodel Project.)


As the excitement of the Holiday season seems to speed up the pace of life, the same is true for our building project.  Although, when sitting in church on Sunday, listening to the stories of a once carpenter turned savior, it may appear there have been few changes, but there has been a lot going on outside the Sanctuary.
Since our last congregational meeting, the Norwood Young America City Council has approved our site plan.  We have entered into a contract with Miller Architects and Engineers to move forward through the bidding phase of the project.  Miller Architects is in the process of completing full construction drawings and documents.  The New Building team is meeting frequently working on choosing building finishes and fixtures.
The Current goal of all involved in the project is to complete their work and have the project ready to go out for bid by Mid-January.
If you have any questions, please contact a member of the New Building Team. (Judy Feltmann, Myron Franke, Lois Panning, Tim Sauer, Tom Simmons, Chris Starr, Al Steinhagen)
Stay tuned for further updates!!