Church Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month. There is no council meeting in July or December.
To view the Council meeting minutes from:

September 19, 2017: CLICK HERE
October 17, 2017: CLICK HERE
November 21, 2017: CLICK HERE
January 16, 2018: CLICK HERE
February 20, 2018: CLICK HERE
March 20, 2018: CLICK HERE
April 17, 2018: CLICK HERE
May 15, 2018: CLICK HERE
June 19, 2018: CLICK HERE

February 11, 2018 Annual Congregational meeting: CLICK HERE
March 18, 2018 Congregational meeting, vote on building: CLICK HERE

To view the All Saints Constitution and Bylaws, CLICK HERE.
To view the All Saints Organizational Chart, CLICK HERE.
To view the All Saints budget process, CLICK HERE.